Best Quality Solid Acrylic

High-Gloss Acrylic

Parapan® is manufactured to the highest possible specifications which means that solid colour runs all the way through and the high gloss is on both sides. Because Parapan® is durable and moisture-resistant it is especially suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. It is now regularly being specified for commercial applications as well as specialist furniture pieces.

Available in both 18mm and 4mm thicknesses panels and doors are made to measure and are perfect for all vertical applications from drawer and cupboard fronts to wall cladding. Parapan® is also extremely workable as it can be thermoformed into curves and machined like wood.

There are 19 fashionable finishes to choose from as clean lines, sleek surfaces and accents of rich colour are trends that are here to stay. Not only stylish and contemporary in appearance, Parapan® is also hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

Parapan curved kitchen door

Commercial and Domestic



Bringing a beautiful and unique style, Parapan offers the finest quality kitchens available


Bring a new style with solid acrylic doors for your bedroom, bathroom or office


The versatility of Parapan brings exciting new furniture design opportunities


Available in 4mm and 16mm thicknesses, available to order by the sheet


Create a stunning centre piece for any kitchen with Parapan’s sleek finish


Parapan can be cut and machined as easily as wood, the design possibilities are endless

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Clean & Beautiful

Parapan offer the finest quality solid high gloss doors and drawers on the market. We do not coated or laminate. Take a look at the numerous applications Parapan has to offer; whether it’s a home office, shop-fitting, home entertainment setup or bathroom vanity unit, the uniqueness of Parapan shines through.

Check out Parapan to find an extensive portfolio of quality solid Acrylic products.


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White White
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