Complete Kitchen

Pre-assembled complete kitchen cabinets ready for installation


Complete Kitchens

Pre-assembled kitchen cabinets with facias expertly assembled by our technical team and delivered directly to you ready for installation. Reduced installation time, money saved due to much less on-site fitting time.

There are no restrictions on our complete kitchens, you can choose from any of the ranges we offer, mated up to handcrafted oak veneered plywood carcasses for the ultimate complete kitchen package.

Designed, constructed and lacquered by craftsmen using the finest quality materials Landau represents the best of British and European design.

Still unsure? Order one of our carcass sample units with facias pre-installed to see the quality for yourself.

Our range of beautifully crafted Plywood carcasses are veneered with European Oak and finished with two coats of durable clear lacquer, to protect for future years and show off the warm natural Oak colours

These solid carcasses offer a more luxurious feel to the kitchen whilst also being stronger, lighter and much more moisture resistant than the standard MDF or chipboard used in carcassing.
The 18mm furniture grade Plywood is machined to your specification on our workshop CNC and hand sprayed to order in our paint booths.

Carcasses are available to purchase as a complete kitchen package or separately. Request your oak veneered plywood carcass literature here


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